The project that inspired the

modern way of Networking

19.800 collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Iotex blockchain.

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Plasma World News Highlights
Plasma World News Highlights
Stay updated with the latest news and developments from the Plasma World ecosystem.
New Partnership Announcement
New Partnership Announcement
Here are coming all Partnership related news, building together a connected World.
Exciting Projekt Launch
Exciting Projekt Launch
Here in this Part you will find all Projekt that is Working with Plasma World together.

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  • 3000 Mints, becoming Iotex Delegate & First Web3 Store
    • PlasmaWorld the beginning of a new Journey create together the next generation of Networking will release the first 3300 Special Plasma World Nfts.
    • PlasmaWorld will become a Iotex delegate to Represent us at Iotex
    • PlasmaWorld the development of the first web3 buisness

  • 6600 Mints, Real Estate, Agriculture & Substainable technology.
    • PlasmaW3bWorld will release the Secound Batch of 6600 PlasmaWorld Nfts.
    • Plasma World foundation building first Production companie for substainable houses.
    • Plasma World foundation building the first Place for the ecostem to meet and Work together

  • 9900 Mints, Crowdfounding System, PlasmaW3bWorld University, Production companies
    • PlasmaW3bWorld will release the Last Batch of 9900 Special PlasmaWorld Nfts.
    • The beginning of PlasmaW3bWorld Crowdfounding System. Here we give every Nft Holder the Chance to Start there Buisness. Plasma World foundation Will Recieve 8% of Ownership from every Business.
    • The beginning of PlasmaW3bWorld Real Estate & Agriculture Journey. PlasmaW3bWorld will buy Land all over the World to build a Small Paradise. Wonderfull Knowleedg Center & Holiday Places arround the World with the Most advance Agriculture Method in the World where we Respect Nature and let Nature do the Work.

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PlasmaWorld is a revolutionary NFT project that aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem for NFT holders. By utilizing funds generated from NFT sales, we plan to establish a diverse range of businesses, including web3-based affiliate marketing, real estate investments, sustainable farming initiatives, production companies, and open-source development for our NFT community. Our goal is to empower our NFT holders with a range of sustainable technology solutions and opportunities for growth.

The 19,800 Plasma World Foundations NFTs in circulation embody a 20% ownership slice of the expansive ecosystem. Holders of these NFTs not only receive a proportional share of the quarterly cash flow but also unlock the prospect of becoming active business owners. These NFTs open the door for individuals to engage in a community-driven ecosystem, fostering the exchange of ideas and collaborative development, ultimately empowering them to shape and thrive within innovative ventures.

We're dedicated to building one of the largest NFT ecosystems worldwide. To achieve this goal, we've implemented a streamlined system with seven designated wallets, each allocated a specific portion. This transparent approach ensures that our community remains at the forefront, driving the ecosystem's direction to meet everyone's needs.

PlasmaWorld pays its NFT holders on a quarterly basis by distributing a proportionate share of the revenue generated by the ecosystem. The distribution is based on the percentage of NFTs held by each individual. This distribution system allows for a fair and transparent distribution of funds, and ensures that all NFT holders have the opportunity to benefit from the success of the ecosystem.